Monday, May 2, 2011

People's Hearts Show Today

Last night it was reported that Osama bin Laden had been killed. As an American, I am happy that he is no longer on this earth to cause more devastation to my people and my homeland. It is only natural that there is a myriad of emotions as people process this event. I have not been glued to Facebook, today. However, I have seen a few things posted reflecting attitudes about his death that caught my attention. I suppose this is my forum to share my thoughts:

Attitude 1: "Obama was a soul who died without the Lord Jesus. We shouldn't be rejoicing about someone being lost for eternity." 

Response 1: I have no responsibility over bin Ladin's fate. I never met him. I have clean hands when it comes to his eternity. Frankly, I don't give a clam where he may, or may not be, today. I am just happy he is no longer sucking air.

Attitude 2: "bin Laden is another face in hell."

Response 2: I seem to remember a little quote in the Bible that says not to judge. I don't remember a Scriptural caveat that we are allowed to judge anyone to hell: saint, sinner, Christian, Muslim, hero or terrorist. Is he in Hell? Not my job to decide. It isn't yours, either.

Attitude 3: "The credit of his demise goes to George W. Bush."

Response 3: George W. started the United States' war on terror. However, President Obama is the Commander in Chief who is now in the seat of authority over the military. President Obama is ultimately responsible for the final clearance to take him out. Another nugget: give credit where credit is due.

I suppose that is all I have to say on the matter. Truth is truth. Be balanced, be Christlike and be fair.

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