Monday, February 28, 2011


I suppose I have broken the first rule of a blogger: I haven't blogged in several days. Oops! I hope you all are still there and will read!

Anyway, I thought I'd take a pause from my Early Days series and share with you something precious to me. Over the past several years, I have been working on a family photo project. I visited relatives. I scanned hundreds of family photos. I got on ebay and bought an old reel-to-reel tape recorder/player to digitize old church and family recordings. Finally, I sat down and assembled a few videos featuring my families' photos and music. The work is not complete. I have enough photos on my dad's side of the family ready to finish a fourth video. I haven't even stared my mothers side. Nor, have I even begun scanning the hundreds, if not thousands, of family photos from my parents. Most of what you are seeing in the compilations are what I have scanned from my aunts and cousins. So, I thought I would pause and share my work on this project with you, today.

There are a zillion things I should be working on. For instance, my masters' thesis. But, I figured out why this was so important to me this week. Today would be my dad's 82nd birthday. So, I suppose that is what boosted this up on the priority list. Volume I starts and ends with a song, "Old Time Memories," I wrote, produced and recorded several years ago in Nashville. And, it contains audio of my parents, aunt and uncle singing. Each volume is just under 15 minutes. So, I hope you enjoy the presentation. 

Gibson/Pruitt Family, Through the Years, Volume I

Gibson/Pruitt Family, Through the Years, Volume II

Gibson/Pruitt Family, Through the Years, Volume III

Gibson/Pruitt Family, Through the Years, Volume IV


  1. Oh how I wish we could go back to those days. With a lump in my throat,tears in my eyes, and love in my heart I thank you for sharing.I love you my sweet little Michael,

  2. Awe, Judy. Me, too! I love you, too!!!